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Buying Property in Tenerife

With more than twenty five years experience in Tenerife, Su Casa knows how to find you the ideal property.

At Su Casa, we will help you:

  • Find the right property
  • Advise on taxes, registration and payment of fees
  • Check out all planning matters, permissions and projects
  • Carry out all required searches
  • With a conveyance service - contract to completion
  • Find the "right" mortgage for you
  • Arrange a Spanish Notary
  • Organize and supervise payments and completion
  • Help you to Arrange Direct Debits for taxes, bills etc
  • Advise you on making a will

The Private Contract

The Private Contract is an important document standing on its own, and not as part of the Title Deed, and maintains its own conditions. Therefore it is important to know and to understand what these conditions are, before you proceed with the purchase!

The Private Contract is the first stage in property ownership. It is usually rather short, merely containing details of the seller and the purchaser, a legal description of the property, the purchase price, the form of payment, the date of completion, the date of possession etc. Once it has been signed by both sides and the deposit has been paid (usually a 10% of the main contract), it is binding. This means that the purchasers are committed to pay the balance of the purchase price, and the seller is committed to transfer the ownership of the property.

The time between the signing of the Private Contract and the Title Deed (the completion of the purchase) may vary. If the villa or flat has been physically constructed and both sides are ready with all the documents and monies, completion can take place within a matter of days by exchange of contracts.


We can deal with any legal matter relating to the mortgage you may wish to obtain to finance your purchase.

For more information on obtaining a mortgage in Tenerife, please visit our mortgages section.

Spanish Notary

He is the Spanish official that will be present at the signing of the Title Deed (the transfer of ownership deed). In Spain the transfer of legal ownership of a property on completion of the purchase must take place in a Notary's office, in the area where the property is being purchased.

The Notary is responsible for ensuring that the contract (the Agreement between the parties) is turned into a public contract by preparation of the Title Deed, and its registration in the property register of Spain. He is a lawyer who has taken special examinations to qualify for this position. Before preparing the Title Deed the Notary will affirm that the purchaser receives the right property and that the purchase price has been paid to the seller.

Only this person can witness the signing of the Title Deed and then arrange for it to be registered in the local property register in the name of the new owner.

Payment and Completion

The funds for the purchase will need to be paid at the time of signing and may be split into several different amounts to cover taxes, payment to the seller and notary fees. The title deed is translated to you and if everything is clear and you are happy, you then sign the deed and the property is yours. We can obtain a copy of the deed usually within 48 hours of signing and your original deed will be ready for collection in about 3 months from the signing date.

Paying of Bills

The bills for the supply of water, electricity and local rates will have to be paid regularly and if you are a non-resident owner it may be worth thinking of setting up direct debits for these so that payments don’t get missed. If you have bought a flat or a house in a private development, you will probably have to pay maintenance charges and community fees which can also be paid via direct debit.